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Brisbane Property Market News

While statistics seem to show that the Brisbane and Queensland property markets are growing more slowly than other

What Sellers Need to do After Signing a Contract

You can spend months or even years either looking for the right property to buy and even selling a property can take time. Then suddenly it happens. You make an offer (or an offer is made), negotiations happen and a contract is

A Quick Guide to REIQ Contracts for Houses and Residential Land

If you’re buying or selling property anywhere in the world you’re going to have to deal with contracts, paperwork and small print. There’s no way around it.

The Two Major Contract Clause Considerations for Making an Offer on a Property

When making an offer on a property one of the most important considerations is the conditions you need to include. These conditions will appear as clauses on the contract that you present to the buyer when you make your offer

3 Ways to Revoke an Offer on a Property

Everyone makes mistakes and sometimes prospective property buyers make an offer on a property and then change their minds.

4 Key Stages to Making an Offer on a Property

Are you ready to make an offer on a property and keen to do everything right so you don’t miss out? Whether you’ve been...

5 Ways a Solicitor Helps You Buy or Sell Property in Queensland

Thinking about buying property in Queensland or selling property for the first time? Then you might be wondering...

Family Budgets are Essential to Home Buying

Setting a family budget should not be viewed as an exercise in futility. Budgets are extremely important and are necessary in order for a family to meet their long term goals. Financial stability and independence does not just occur spontaneously, but it is crafted and moulded. For families buying their first home or upgrading to [...]

Make Your Home Sale Ready

Selling a home can seem like a monumental task; therefore, it is important the homeowners take the business of selling a home one step at a time. Completing all necessary work and repairs, finding an agent, determining a selling price, and making real estate market comparisons should not be undertaken all at one time. This [...]

Two Important Real Estate Elements: Agent and price

In addition to prepping one’s home for placement on the real estate market, there are two other important decisions that homeowners must make. They must select the real estate agent that will be right for them, and they must also determine the sale price of their home. Both of these factors can significantly impact the [...]