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Brisbane Conveyancing for First Time Buyers

Buying your first home or investment property is a huge leap into the unknown. First time buyers have so much to do, including

What are the Hidden Costs of Buying Property?

Although the property itself will be your greatest cost by far there are other hidden costs involved in buying property. Costs

13 FAQs About Building, Pest and Pool Inspections

There's only one thing worse than losing your dream home because your mortgage didn't come through on time. Missing out

Priceless Tips on Buying Property at Auction

Hoping to buy a house or other property at auction but need some good advice? Our panel of experts have got some key tips to

Buying Property Subject to Finance? Your Rights and Obligations

One of the most common clauses in a property contract is the finance clause. In layman's terms it usually states that the buyer will

3 Ways to Keep Cool in a Hot Brisbane Property Market

The Brisbane Courier Mail was abuzz this weekend with stories of soaring property prices. The Charter Conveyancing phones have

Top 10 Financial Tips for Home Buyers

Getting your finances in order can be a daunting task. But if you're thinking about buying a house you'll be better off if you get your

How Do Real Estate Agents Help Buyers?

Wondering how a real estate agent can help you buy property? Not every real estate agent has the same experience and expertise but

Signed a Contract on a House? 4 Key Next Steps for Buyers

Even in a buyer's market it can take a long time to find the right home in the right area of Brisbane for you. So if you've finally

The Two Major Contract Clause Considerations for Making an Offer on a Property

When making an offer on a property one of the most important considerations is the conditions you need to include. These conditions will appear as clauses on the contract that you present to the buyer when you make your offer