ConveyancingWhether you’re buying or selling real estate as an investment or as your new home it’s one of the biggest decisions of your life. Because there are big financial and personal risks involved in the process smart real estate owners like to work with dedicated conveyancing specialists but most people don’t know exactly what conveyancing is or why it’s so important. If that sounds like you, we’re here to help.

Conveyancing is the legal and administrative process of buying, selling or transferring a home between people, with property transfers being common in divorce or deceased estate settlements.

Some parts of conveyancing, like contacting a bank for information or sending a facsimile telling the seller bank finance has been approved, seem simple. But what makes conveyancing complex is that you’re dealing with high value assets and complex, ever-changing contract clauses, case laws and legislation. So one wrong move by inexperienced or careless lawyers could cause irreversible errors, like losing your dream home or even your hard-earned deposit.

For lawyers, conveyancing is the largest source of professional complaints and litigation. Problems are most commonly caused by lawyers and conveyancers who:

  • give the wrong advice;
  • fail to complete an important administrative task correctly or on time;
  • cannot be contacted about urgent matters outside normal business hours;
  • don’t explain processes or issues clearly to their client.

In fact conveyancing is so complex, and the risk of professional errors and problems arising so high, that many solicitors refuse to offer conveyancing services.

We specialise in conveyancing so over the years we’ve developed best practices procedures to eliminate errors and guarantee the best outcomes. It’s our combination of smart use of technology, experience and genuine care for our client that’s helped us run a highly successful conveyancing company for years and get the best possible outcome in any circumstances.

  • You get immediate advice and peace of mind.

We offer a free one hour consultation and not just a quote over the phone because residential contracts in Brisbane and throughout Queensland are time critical, so we treat every case with the urgency it deserves.In conveyancing every day is crucial with obligations from buyers or sellers that may need to be acted on or advised on straight away. So we believe that if you want to make sure conveyancing is done right the first conversation is key.

Whether your conveyancing issue is urgent or not, we’re here for you and ready to answer all your questions. If you need a special condition in your contract or want to ask who should hold the deposit we’ll tell you. We love all aspects of conveyancing including getting to know our clients and answering your questions so we’re always happy to help.

We can cover most immediate needs in your first free one hour  consultation so you get the answers you need and know what steps to take next. Sounds good? Phone us now to start your free no-obligation one hour  consultation with one of our conveyancing professionals.

  • Most solicitors give clients you a quote; then, if you decide to go ahead and send them your contract, they put your conveyancing job at the bottom of their ‘to do’ pile and contact you a few days later. They don’t have time to talk to you and can’t answer your questions quickly.
  • We earn your trust

We know that trust is only built over time and we work closely with our clients because we’re handling your most private and important details and decisions. We earn our clients trust by giving you excellent service from the beginning and getting to know you allows us to do our job better because we can work with all the relevant information.

So if you need help with estate planning advice or have any legal concerns in the future we’ll be able to work with you long-term. Charter Conveyancing has a small, tight team of lawyers who’ve been working together for many years so you’ll get to know us while we get to know you.

  • Many big law firms have a high staff turnover so you may get a different lawyer every time you need legal help. There’s no continuity or personal relationship so you may get different advice from different people who don’t understand your special circumstances.
  • You’re safe as houses with our deep conveyancing experience

Because we specialise in conveyancing our team experiences a wider range of conveyancing issues then even the biggest general practice law firms. So when a hurdle crops up we can advise you on the best solution fast and action it as soon as possible to obtain the best outcome before it’s too late.

  •  Unless your lawyers specialises in conveyancing their knowledge of it may be sketchy which leaves you at risk.
  • You’ll be able to keep in touch and stay up to date

There are many stages of a conveyance when we may need to talk to you or vice versa. When you choose Charter Conveyancing to help buy or sell your property you’ll be able to talk with us on the phone or get fast replies to your emails. We know good communication with our clients builds a strong, valuable partnership for all of us.

  • Many conveyancing only firms take on too much work then their communications with clients suffer. Promises like being "fully online" just mean they spend less time communicating with you to make more money, prioritising profit over their clients.
  • Our fixed fees mean you know exactly how much your conveyancing will cost

Everyone likes to save money and our conveyancing service costs hundreds of dollars less than most general law practices and other specialist conveyancing firms. That’s because we work on a fixed fee model. In other words we quote a price and stick to it. We know what’s involved in settling a standard residential contract, we work fast because we know conveyancing inside out and we set our fees accordingly.

When you choose Charter Conveyancing everything is included in our fee so there are no nasty surprises. And we really mean everything, including unlimited communication with our team, after hours availability and any additional services needed like signing your mortgage documents or providing copies of your contract to your bank or insurance broker.

  • Some law firms quote a fee but exclude common extras that can arise if problems occur so you may end up paying much more than expected.

    You get the best outcomes because we work out of our Brisbane office

Conveyancing software as a cloud-based solution is not good enough for the proper supervision of a conveyancing file from afar. Conveyancing software has many limitations so the safest way for us to get the best outcome for our clients is by working from an office. We are working with the software providers to fix these issues and there may be a time when we can confidently access this software no matter where we are, but at the moment it’s in your best interests to work with a lawyer who’s office-based.

Even if the time comes when technology catches up the Charter Convenancing team will still work together from our Brisbane office. It allows us to better supervise files and staff, enjoy the right mix of team work for problem solving and create better client-focused service and outcomes. We’re focused on creating a champion close knit team, not a group of associates who message each other on Facebook.

  • Mobile conveyancing is a new and growing trend. This is a decentralised model where conveyancers work from home instead of under the direct supervision of a more experienced solicitor. It’s a great business model that’s not in your best legal interests.
  • You get top quality experience and service for a reasonable price

While we save clients hundreds of dollars compared to many law practices we are not the cheapest conveyancers in Brisbane or Queensland for a very simple reason. We limit the conveyancing cases we take on because, when done correctly, the conveyancing process takes time and we want to deliver only the best results.

We choose quality over quantity and limit the number of monthly settlements each staff member handles so we can do the best possible job for you. That’s why our team members are responsive to client needs and questions, happy in their work and make smart decisions.

  • Some conveyancing firms charge less but take on more work. That means they offer a reduced service to their clients, hurry the job and are hard to reach. Worse still, over-worked and stressed conveyancers are more prone to error leaving you open to risk.

As you can probably tell, we love conveyancing and know we can deliver you the best possible service and outcome for the lowest possible cost. But don’t just take our word for it. Read some of our client testimonials to see what people who’ve used us say and find out what makes us the most trusted conveyancing firm in Queensland.

Phone us now to start your free no-obligation one hour  consultation with one of our conveyancing professionals and experience what working with us is like for yourself.

You probably don’t buy or sell property often and because contracts and laws may change at any time it can be hard to know the best approach when buying, selling or transferring real estate. That’s why you need the Charter Conveyancing Brisbane team on your side.

When you choose the Charter Conveyancing Brisbane team as your conveyancing solicitors you won’t have to worry about the latest laws or plough through any legalese because staying up to date with the latest property law developments is our job. When you work with us we’ll give you the best advice for your unique circumstances and create a contract tailored to your needs so all you need to do is sign on the dotted line. It really can be that easy with the right conveyancing solicitors.


Call us now for a free one hour  consultation

Moving house is known to be one of the most stressful events in someone’s life, right up there with divorce, the death of a loved one or losing your job. But with the Charter Conveyancing Brisbane team on your side you’ll stress less knowing all the legal requirements of buying or selling are being taken care of by our experienced solicitors. Then, with your property transaction in safe hands, you’ll have more time and space to focus on other parts of this life changing event.

Whether you’ve signed a property contract or are about to sign one, we’ll immediately give you the right advice and explain the best way to move forward.  Call us now for a free one hour  consultation with the Charter Conveyancing Brisbane team to review your situation and get advice on signing or proceeding with an existing contract. We can help no matter what stage of the contractual process you’re at and will make sure your best interests are met.

What we need to do your conveyancing right

In order to do our job correctly and quickly we need to know some important details about you, our client. The faster we can get those details the faster we can start protecting you and organising your move. When we start your conveyancing job we'll need some essential information from you including:

Buyers and sellers

A copy of your passport, driver’s license and birth certificate so we can identify you, check your dates of birth, check the contract has been drafted correctly and meet solicitor regulations for best practice to ensure you are who you say you are and not someone trying to impersonate you.
Your mortgage broker or bank details so we can liaise with them.
Why you're buying or selling so we can recommend the right title and property searches and know what actions we need to take to ensure you do not breach the contract. For instance, if you're buying a house that you intend to knock down and rebuild that will require different searches than if you're buying your first home to move into.
Where your funds to purchase are coming from or where your funds from the sale are going so we know what we need to organise for settlement;

Buyers only

Location specific factors regarding the area you are looking to buy in.
What your plans are for the property.
Your building and pest inspector contact information so we can liaise with them.
If you're buying with a partner we need to know whether you want to hold the property as joint tenants or tenants in common.
Whether you plan to move in straight away.

Sellers only

If you're behind on your mortgage repayments so we can properly negotiate and organise with your bank.
The current position of your rates and water levy accounts.

Other issues to consider

If you're buying or selling a property you may also need to get other important legal documents reviewed such as your Will, Enduring Power of Attorney or your Estate Plan. If you don't have a will or you have questions about any of those issues we urge you to contact us now. It's often easier to bury your head in the sand, but if you're buying or selling a property then this is a great time to sort out all your legal paperwork and get everything set up exactly the way you want it giving you immediate peace of mind.

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