Buying a houseAre you ready to buy a house?

Because we’re Queensland's most experienced conveyancing team we’ll help you get the keys to your new home with minimum hassle, maximum protection and for hundreds of dollars less than other Brisbane conveyancing solicitors.

As well as saving money by working with Charter Conveyancing, you’ll enjoy getting personal service and tailored advice from our highly experienced and close knit team. Buying a home is the biggest purchase you will ever make and it can be a very stressful time because there’s so much involved. For example, do you know what options you have if you’re not satisfied with the building and pest inspection report? What do you do if your bank requests a settlement notice, can you get it to them on the same day so the settlement isn't delayed? We do and we can. We know all the options, can walk you through the process as it is our area of expertise. Relax and let our experienced conveyancing team deal with any problems that come up when you’re buying property. We’re here to guide you through the potential pitfalls and traps from signing the contract to turning the key in your new front door.

Why Should You Choose Charter Conveyancing in Brisbane?

Many of our clients have never hired a solicitor before and are worried about phoning us because they’ve heard about solicitors who charge their clients based on time spent. That means that every time you phone to ask them a question your bill goes up.

We prefer to give our clients peace of mind by charging a fixed professional fee and encouraging you to phone or email us with any questions you may have at no extra charge. We want to make sure you understand the entire process when buying your property and know how much the legal fees will cost.

There’s often a big difference between costs and service provided for legal fees when buying property in Queensland but our goal is simply to give you the best and most professional service for the lowest possible price. We don’t have an office in the city, we don’t drive expensive European cars and because much of our business comes from word of mouth recommendations do we don’t need to spend money on radio adverts. This means we have lower overheads and we like to pass those costs savings on to our clients by charging you less.

We limit client numbers to maintain a high standard of service Do you know how many current clients your team will be handling?  Will your matter get the due attention it needs if something comes up during the contract term?  You can answer yes to both those questions when you work with Charter Conveyancing.

You’re important to us and that’s why our team always remains within the Queensland Law Society recommended file numbers. This means we can spend more time advising you on the steps to take and answer all your questions properly. We’re a family owned business so we’ll treat you as one of the family and manage your purchase as if it was our own.

Emergencies and unexpected events like problems with tenants or damage to homes before settlement date do happen so sometimes you may need conveyancing advice after hours. We give all our clients the mobile phone number for our legal practice director Brad Mifsud and he’ll be there to deal with emergencies and unexpected events as they come up.

You’ll feel happier and safer when you buy your property knowing that we’re available by phone any time you need us.

Hiring our experienced team gives you more than an expert conveyancing solicitor at a great fixed price.  It includes a free 15 minute consultation with Brad to review your Last Will and Testament because that’s essential when purchasing a home and discounts on any other home buyer services you may need.

To find out more about how we can help you call us now on 1300 224 278.

Contact us to organise a free consultation with Brad Mifsud now so we can start taking steps to protect your interests and biggest asset immediately.