Property TransfersDo you need advice on property transfers?

There are a number of significant events which may give rise to the need to transfer a property between people including:

  • Marriage.
  • Divorce or separation.
  • Death of a family member.
  • Following legal advice to protect your assets from potential litigants.

Transferring a property is different from the usual buying or selling process calling for a contract between arm’s length parties, with each different situation having its own process, forms and supporting documents.

Charter Conveyancing understands these circumstances are often difficult for you and your loved ones. We’ll make things easy for you by taking care of all the technical documentation and handling the transfer sensitively, professionally and flawlessly.

Above all we want to make sure you avoid adding any more stress to the situation because, unless you complete property transfers on a daily basis like us, navigating legislation, the Titles Practice manual and Office of State Revenue rulings can be a nightmare. By hiring us for your property transfer you can avoid lodging incorrectly drafted transfer forms or declarations which can add significantly to your property transfer costs and the time taken to get the property transferred. We’ll also work hard to avoid delays in transferring property under a consent order or probate which can mean that money isn’t paid quickly to where it needs to get to adding more unnecessary stress.

We draft these documents on a daily basis and make it our business to stay up to date with all the requirements ensuring your property transfer will be dealt with as efficiently as possible during what can be a difficult time.

Property Transfers for Marriage

If you’re married or if you live in a home which is solely in your or your spouse’s name and you want to add another name to the title then there is a defined set of property transfer forms for this situation.

The Queensland government allows an exemption for married property owners to add their spouse to the property title without paying transfer duty, as long as they both live in the property and intend to own it in equal shares.

For married couples there are two main benefits of placing your family home in both names:

  1. If you live in a blended family (either you or your spouse has previously been married and have children to another partner) you can protect your marital home from potential claims against your will if you die.
  2. If either person dies the property can be transferred to the remaining spouse cheaply and with minimal legal paperwork instead of being passed on to beneficiaries through your Will.

Talk to us today about quickly and easily transferring your property into both you and your spouse’s name today.  We’ll need a copy of your rates notice, marriage certificate and identification documents to draft the paperwork and lodge your application as soon as possible.

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Property Transfers for Divorce or Separation

If you’re getting divorced or if your relationship has ended and you own property then you need to complete a property settlement, either by a binding financial agreement or by consent order. There are many benefits to going through these processes when a relationship ends and it’s usually in everyone’s best interests to take action as soon as possible. Talk to us today about how we can help you.

If you need to sort the transfer of property ownership pursuant to either binding financial agreement or consent order we can draft and lodge the necessary legal documents to transfer the properties quickly and cheaply. Navigating the requirements of the titles office to finalise the transfer of property can be highly complex, but we’ll take time to listen to your specific circumstances and advise you on the quickest, safest and most cost effective approach.

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Property Transfers for Deceased Estates

Having a loved one pass away is a life changing event for all of us. Making sense of what you need to do under the law in your situation can be difficult, with different people offering different advice.

Because conveyancing and property transfers are our speciality we can minimise stress by giving you the best advice and finalising the transfer quickly and easily.

In cases where the estates are small in nature with only one property forming the majority of the assets we may even be able to sort out the transfer to the rightful beneficiaries without the need to apply to the court for a grant. Whatever your circumstances are call us today to get a free 15 minute consultation and take steps to protect your interests.

Property transfers for Estate Planning and Asset Protection

Do you want to protect your biggest asset from potential litigants? Depending on your current business and family arrangements, it may be safest to transfer a part or all of your interest in a property to other people or entities.

We can work with your accountant or financial adviser to give you the right advice and take action to protect you and your family.  Call us today to get a free 15 minute consultation and take steps to protect your biggest asset.

Getting started with your property transfer

We can quickly draft documents to begin your property transfer process with the minimum information necessary. Generally the information we need to start your property transfer is:

  1. A copy of the rates notice for the property.
  2. Identification (passport or driving licence) of all the current and new owners.
  3. Copy of bank statement (if there is a mortgage on the property).
  4. Marriage certificate (for marriage transfers).
  5. Binding financial agreement or consent order (for divorce or separation).
  6. Original death certificate (for deceased estates).
  7. Original Will if available (for deceased estates).
  8. Valuation of the property or comparative market analysis (if transferring a property between related parties or co-owners).

As soon as you give us the paperwork we can quickly and easily put together the required legal documents required to transfer the property and get you moving.

Have you got any questions or concerns about your property transfer?

We’ll be happy to help. Please give us a call on 1300 224 278 so that we can advise you on the best approach for your property transfer.