We hear the same story too often …

An agent tells us how their client found solicitor thinking they were getting a great deal. However, halfway through the transaction they find that certain services they thought were included as standard (like providing advice and witnessing mortgage documents) either were not available, or cost extra. Furthermore, it wasn’t until they received their final bill that they found out their “cheap deal” was in fact a very expensive exercise when the disbursements and searches were factored in.

Finally, it’s when events didn’t go to plan that they found their solicitor hard to reach or terrible at keeping them informed making it very stressful when their transaction was potentially hanging in the balance!

We are pleased to say that we will help you save money and keep you informed and in control of your purchase or sale and our Special Online settlement tracker is designed to keep you up to date and informed 24/7.

When dealing with a Charter Conveyancing you’ll speak with the same fully qualified Solicitor and they will remain your point of contact throughout the entire process from beginning to end. This ensures you’re always in contact with the right person from beginning to end and will assist in streamlining your sale or purchase.

Discover how you can also receive the maximum benefit from engaging us as your solicitor when buying or selling.

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