The Danger with Electrical Heaters

Winter has come and to keep warm, many residents in rental properties make use of electrical heaters to keep the cold away. The problem with this is when the heater comes into contact with flammable items, causing a fire. This is why smoke alarms are so critical for tenant safety and has to be addressed. They can help to prevent injuries and death from occurring if a fire were to start.

Property Purchase and Safety

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One of the first items that will be on the list of things to consider is safety. Meeting code requirements to ensure a comfortable and quality living space lies in the hands of the lessor. Tenants cannot always be counted on to properly maintain and check the batteries on smoke alarms as needed. This is why the primary responsibility lies with the lessor, giving them the ability to enter property in order to inspect and service smoke alarms.

The Importance of Smoke Alarms

During the winter months, many tenants will use electrical heaters and blankets to keep the bite of winter cold away. These items can also present a fire hazard if not monitored properly. According to The Fire and Rescue Service Act of 1990, houses and other investment properties must have smoke alarms in appropriate locations throughout. When smoke from a fire begins to spread inside the dwelling, the smoke alarm detects it and emits a high-frequency sound that can awaken anyone sleeping inside. It gives the tenant more time to be aware of the danger and to escape from the impending fire.

The lessor has to make sure that these units are working properly and are checked periodically for malfunctions. They should also be cleaned when checked, usually by using a vacuum or broom to remove dirt and debris from the outside surface. The batteries should be rotated out each year. It is all so good to double check that smoke alarms chosen for installation are commensurate with Australian standards. This assures that tenants will be safe in the event that a fire were to occur.