There is an extensive list of searches you can do, a number of which are included in our standard fee but some financial institutions require extra searches which will be charged on top of our standard fee. The best practice is to do a number of searches prior to signing the contract as this may sway whether you wish to proceed with making an offer. However, to save on costs most clients elect to complete searches once the contract becomes unconditional as this means they will only be liable for search costs once they are happy with the inspection report and have obtained an unconditional approval for their finance.
In terms of which searches should be done, this will depend on various factors including the age of the property, number of units in the body corporate, location of the property (on a main road, next to a river or on top of a mine shaft), features of the property (renovations and alteration like patios, sheds, pools, converting the garage to a living room, building in underneath a highset home) and your budget.
While it is always the best option to obtain every search possible prior to signing the contract this is not cost effective for clients. Therefore, contact us as soon as possible to discuss the above factors as well as what plans you have for the property (are you living in it or knocking it down to develop a block of townhouses?) so we can provide the right advice. Our advice is always better when you provide clear and detailed instructions.