After Signing a Contract

/After Signing a Contract

What happens on settlement day?

Settlement day can be a busy and stressful time liaising with banks, agents and brokers. We're here to make it stress free for you - find out more in how to make settlement day stress free.

What happens after signing a contract?

From the date the sellers sign the contract the contract starts. This means all the dates for clauses begin and you must ensure you meet your obligations before 5pm on the due date. Make sure you diarise the important dates under the contract and know what is required of you prior to each of the [...]

When does the cooling off period expire?

The cooling off period expires five business days from the date either you or I receive a copy of the signed contract from the seller or agent. If you are intending to terminate the contract you must keep in mind this date and instruct us to notify the sellers prior to 5pm on the due [...]

When will I hear from Charter Conveyancing?

We will send out our initial documents to you generally within 24-48 hours from receiving your contract. If you do not hear from us we may not have received your contract so please do not hesitate to give us a call. Once you receive your documents we will be waiting to hear on the results [...]

What is transfer duty and how much and when do I pay it?

Transfer duty is a state based tax based on the purchase price or market value of the property. First home buyers and home buyers can obtain a concession on the duty they have to pay. The Office of State Revenue is the Queensland government department in charge of collecting transfer duty. Essentially duty is due [...]

What is transfer registration fees, how much do I pay and when?

The transfer registration fee is a Queensland-based government charge payable to the titles office when the transfer document (document changing the property from the seller to the buyer) is filed for registration. It is also based on the purchase price of the property but there are no concessions available. Call us to obtain a calculation [...]