Wondering how a real estate agent can help you buy property? Not all real estate agents are equal and working with a great agent will help you buy for the right property at the right price and with the least hassle.

To give you the best and most comprehensive tips on buying or selling property we've called on a panel of Brisbane and Queensland real estate experts.

Nobody knows the Brisbane property market like these real estate professionals, so we're delighted to share their expertise here.

For specific advice about buying or selling property we recommend you contact a real estate agent or lawyer directly.

Until then, here are some tips about how to find a great real estate agent and how a good real estate agent helps buyers like you.

Amber Werchon, Amber Werchon Property, Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

amber werchon

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How do great real estate agents help new buyers?

As with selling a property, regular communication is vital throughout the process of seeking the property that suits their requirements, including their budget.

If a buyer is planning on purchasing an auction property for the first time, they may need some guidance on the process.

sean wallisSean Wallis, Explore Property, Ashgrove, Brisbane

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How do real estate agents help buyers?

​Buyers are just as important as the sellers. A great real estate agent will take the time to understand their buyers, their motivation for buying, what they want and what could be holding them back from making a decision on a home they really love.

Gaining trust from your buyers is the first step and working closely with them to support them through the process.

What’s the best way for real estate agents to help new buyers?

​It is important to work with your new buyers, build rapport, understand their needs and discuss expectations early on in the process. You want your buyers to feel comfortable and open to discussing their questions and any concerns they may have.

ben cannonBen Cannon, Ray White, Stones Corner, Brisbane

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How do great real estate agents help buyers? 

​Today's buyer is tomorrow's seller! Great agents recognize this and are aware that they are constantly on show to tomorrows' sellers. They are also aware that they need the buyer to help their sellers.

Sometimes the buyer needs to be encouraged or convinced they are looking at the right property. A buyer equally needs to be well informed and kept up to date with relevant information to suit their buying needs.

What’s the best way for real estate agents to help new buyers?

Great real estate agents will have systems to ensure that buyers are kept informed of current listings that may suit their buying needs. The availability of technology has made communication easier.

Buyers can receive email alerts or sms prompts for new listings or changes to existing listings. A good buyer is one that is well informed, so great real estate agents make sure they have any information they can available to the buyer. It's about making their buying experience easy.

Daniel Argent, Urban Property, Paddington, Brisbane

daniel argent

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The best way to look after your regular buyers it to really listen to what their needs are as opposed to what their wants are. Most buyers say the property they are looking for must tick all the boxes but some of those boxes could be wants rather than needs. I just make sure I get all the fundamental needs right with all my regular buyers and then they can add their touch of style to the property I show them.

With new buyers, I find you really need to make it known to them that you do care about finding them a property, educating them on price and providing them with all the information that they require on making those important decisions in purchasing.

I always try to have the necessary information on hand for the frequently asked questions from buyers regarding a property I'm selling.

tanya douglasTanya Douglas, Ray White, Bulimba, Brisbane

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How do great real estate agents best help their buyers? 

Buying a home can be overwhelming, so be open with agents who you can easily communicate with and ask them for surrounding and recent sales that are relative to properties you are considering buying so you can make well informed decisions with confidence.

What’s your best advice for property buyers?

Put yourself in the best position for negotiating a deal or bidding at auction, get your finance pre-approved so you are comfortable with borrowing and know your limit.  We have an exceptional broker in our office, our first home buyers in particular love this service because our broker Lisa can compare loans from over 30 lenders and 1000 products to suit individual needs.

Select a solicitor to take care of conveyancing and help you through the contract process before making offers so you can get independent legal advice when required with ease.

Don't forget to enjoy yourself. Buying a home should be a wonderful experience.

glenn boolGlenn Bool, McGrath Estate Agents, Bulimba, Brisbane

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How do great real estate agents best look after their buyers?

Existing buyers who already hold a contract on a property should be informed and guided all the way through the process. The real estate agent should keep them informed of what to expect next, what their rights and obligations are, and keep them mindful of critical timelines; for example, when deposit is due, dates for building inspection etc.

What’s the best way for real estate agents to help first home buyers?

First home buyers are fantastic to work with! I really enjoy that, a great thing to do once they have shown interest in a property is ask them if they have anyone that they rely on for advice such as a parent, uncle or friend and get that person involved straight away.

By that I mean, call the person and introduce yourself and see if they have any questions or would like to sit in on the offer or negotiation process. It really helps build trust from the start with the buyers and thus assists in securing a sale for your vendor.

How do you think real estate agents can best help buyers?

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