The way people choose and purchase legal services is changing. Twenty years ago most people would hire a conveyancing solicitor who had been personally recommended to them. Many people would only deal with a legal company who may have been representing their family for generations.

Ten years ago you’d probably visit a local solicitor purely because their location was convenient and you'd noticed their signage.

But today legal services are also available online or even through call centers which could be based outside Queensland or even outside Australia.

With this rapid change in conveyancing services it's easy to see why people get confused or experience problems navigating the grey areas of online conveyancing services.

If you'd like to find out more about what conveyancing solicitors do to help the buying and selling process we've covered that previously along with DIY conveyancing. Otherwise you'll find advice about how to choose a conveyancing solicitor below.

How to choose a conveyancing solicitor

1. Choose a conveyancing solicitor with offices you can visit if you need to or wish to

If your conveyancing transaction is straight forward with no particular issues, it may not matter who your solicitor is. It may be possible to deal with everything by email or by email and phone. But choosing a remote solicitor, an online conveyancing service, or an inexperienced conveyancing lawyer could put you at serious risk if anything unusual, or unexpected, crops up during the conveyancing transaction.

If you'd like to know that you're getting the best information available and the smartest advice we recommend you choose a local Brisbane conveyancing lawyer. Even if you decide not to meet your conveyancing solicitor in person the option should be there because that's the best way to guarantee that you'll be working with a conveyancing lawyer who has your best interests at heart.

Bear in mind that you want to choose a conveyancing solicitor who is building a sustainable conveyancing business by offering a quality service that people use again and again and recommend to their friends.

2. Shop around and choose a conveyancing solicitor you trust

Putting a face to a name is always nice but it's also a great way to build trust and trust is one of the most important things when choosing a solicitor or lawyer for any reason.

Deciding whether you'd like to meet your conveyancing solicitor is up to you but, if you would like to meet us, we'd love to see you in one of our Brisbane offices.

Make a few phone calls before you choose your conveyancing solicitor and consider how responsive they are, how available they are by email or phone and how confident you are that you'll be able to reach them anytime you need to.

If your conveyancing solicitor is unable or unwilling to talk to you on the phone or meet with you in person warning bells should ring.

3. Choose an experienced conveyancing solicitor

The modern alternatives such as online conveyancing services should be more cost effective because their remote services mean lower overheads, but that's rarely the case. Furthermore, online conveyancing companies often reduce costs even more by hiring newly qualified solicitors or lawyers with very little legal experience. In some cases with online conveyancing services, your conveyancing job could be handled by a legal secretary or paralegal with little or no supervision from a qualified and experienced solicitor.

However, despite offering a lower quality service many of these online conveyancing arrangements are similarly priced to hiring a qualified, respectable lawyer with offices throughout Brisbane.

Remember that online conveyancing services are purely business-based and focused on profit. Now compare that to a Brisbane-based conveyancing solicitor like us who values building strong client relationships, offering a superior service and getting repeat business.

Which is probably why, although online conveyancing services are popping up all over the Internet, most people still prefer to work with a qualified, experienced lawyer who they can trust with their most valuable asset.

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