Wondering how a real estate agent can help you sell you property? Not every real estate agent has the same experience and expertise, but choosing a top real estate agent will help you sell for the best possible price, within the right time frame and with the least hassle.

To give you the best and most comprehensive tips on buying or selling property we've called on a panel of Brisbane and Queensland real estate experts who are happy to provide their expertise and experience.

Nobody knows the Brisbane property market like these top real estate professionals, so we're delighted to share their tried and tested tips here.

For specific advice about buying or selling property we recommend you contact a real estate agent or lawyer directly.

In the meantime, here are some in-depth property tips from trusted sources on how to choose a great real estate agent, and what a top real estate agent will do to make your property sale a success.

ben cannonBen Cannon, Ray White, Stones Corner, Brisbane

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How do top real estate agents look after their sellers?

​Communication is the key. When someone decides to engage the services of a real estate professional to sell their home they have made a huge decision based on trust. The great agents understand this and never take light of the ​fact that someone has chosen them as the one who holds a set of their house keys.

Great agents also understand that when someone lists their home for sale they think about the sale process continuously.

The great agents establish from the start a clear level of communication. This communication may come in the form of text messaging, email, written reports, face to face meetings, written offers, market feedback and telephone calls.

Every client requires a different level of care and communication. Some want a phone call everyday but others are happy with once a week. I stay in touch with my clients daily as this way they are totally involved in the selling process.

Clear communication will create well informed clients who, when the right buyer turns up, are able to make an educated decision to sell.

An agent's role is to market and negotiate. Not set the price. You as the vendor decide if and when you sell and for what. The best agent will know how to get the right buyers excited about your home and when they turn up will know how to get the most money from them.

How can sellers choose a great real estate agent?

It is hard to establish all of the criteria you may have to choose the right agent with just one meeting. For this reason I say to people who are considering a change with their real estate to get out in the market early.

Meet agents at their open homes and see how they present themselves. Also be aware of when, if and how they follow you up. Remember the experience you have is what your buyers will be having if you choose that agent to sell your home.

An agent should know the market, how to negotiate and also be an effective communicator in both written and verbal communication.

A good agent will have a good track record and should be able to show you their successes plus give you names of people they have worked for who you may be able to chat to regarding their experiences.

Daniel Argent, Urban Property, Paddington, Brisbane

daniel argent

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I like to keep my clients as informed as I possibly can during the selling process. I call them after every open home, inspection and meeting with buyer of interest. I write up a feedback report each week on the property and I make sure they get the hit report from our online advertising platforms so they know how many people are viewing their property.

This ensures that when they are talking to friends and one of them asks how selling their property is going they can actually give them an informed answer instead of saying “Ok I guess, not sure.”

Every year, I send out birthday cards and Christmas cards to all of my clients - past, present and prospective. I call my new clients exactly one year to the day they purchased to wish them a happy one year anniversary since purchasing their property.

I think the best way for sellers to find a great real estate agent is to really do their research and talk to a few agents that are local to their property. The local agents are really the ones who know the suburb best and are more likely to have buyers ready to buy, even off market. An agent from out of area is like a fish out of water, they are really taking a stab at what the property is worth and usually have buyers that are not looking in that particular suburb.

tanya douglasTanya Douglas, Ray White, Bulimba, Brisbane

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How can sellers choose a great real estate agent?

Service is everything. Sales go up and down, market changes occur, a great agent is consistent in performing the actions required in any market to ensure the best results for their clients. Open communication is key. Passion, work ethic and knowledge are paramount to deliver every time.

glenn boolGlenn Bool, McGrath Estate Agents, Bulimba, Brisbane

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How do great Real Estate Agents best look after their sellers?

Communication is the key, no doubt. The sellers deserve nothing less than on point communication; be it by sms, email or daily calls, let the seller set the best line of communication and work to that.

Agents must have the courage to tell the truth always, lying to people is the easy way out. I pride myself on having my clients and buyers meet wherever practical, its a great way for the seller to go over any finer details of the property with the new owners.

How can sellers choose a great real estate agent?

Look at the various real estate portals and see which agency is dominant then also make sure you look at the ‘sold’ section of these sites as it’s the best measure to see which individual agent really is selling in your area and not just holding a lot of listings.

Ask around. Ask friends, relatives and colleagues. A personal referral is a great endorsement.

Amber Werchon, Amber Werchon Property, Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

amber werchon

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How do great real estate agents best look after their sellers? 

Through honest, regular communication throughout the entire process; ensuring that the sellers are as prepared as possible for various possible outcomes.

Ultimately, the Agent should be able to secure the optimum price for their sellers, taking into account market conditions at the time of sale. They should be able to ‘walk the walk, not just talk the talk’. 

How can sellers choose a great real estate agent?

The best way for sellers to find a great real estate agent is to do their research.  Don’t necessarily go with the agent who gives you the highest price appraisal,  or slashes their fees to win the listing.

Sellers need to ensure they are engaging the services of a professional with proven results in the area, a good reputation, a strong negotiator and ultimately, someone they feel comfortable with.

Prior to listing, many sellers engage in a ‘secret shopper’ style exercise where they visit open homes in the area they live in, and without disclosing they are potential vendors, observe the behaviour and professionalism of the real estate agent in action.

sean wallisSean Wallis, Explore Property, Ashgrove, Brisbane

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How do great real estate agents best look after their sellers?

The Agents that stand out from the rest are the ones that have open, honest communication with their sellers from the beginning. It’s important to set expectations early on in the process to ensure everyone is on the same page.

I think it's imperative to provide instant feedback after every inspection and open home with clear feedback on the buyers' thoughts with a focus on where buyers see value in the property.

How can sellers choose a great real estate agent?

It’s important to do your research and interview your prospective real estate agents. If you feel comfortable with the agent is just as important as getting you moved.

Speak to friends or family to understand their experiences with other agents. Be wary of agents that come in with the highest priced appraisals as this can reflect an agent attempting to buy the listing therefore when it comes to selling your home the Agent may not be able to get anywhere near that price.

What do you look for when choosing a real estate agent to sell your property?

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