There is a lot to think about when purchasing a property. Most people only think about the signing of the contract and settlement when buying a home, but there is just so much more to it. You have issues such as boundaries to be checked, the structures that are on the premises, whether or not these are fixed structures or removable. All of these things need to be looked at when purchasing a property. Which is why is good to have a conveyancing professionals help when it comes to the purchase. Encroachment is a very common problem among neighbours, especially when it comes to building a fence or a shed close to the properties boundary. Sometimes if the property is not properly surveyed, this problem can occur and cause all sorts of drama’s with your neighbours if you go about it the wrong way. The last thing you want to do is get into some sort of altercation with you neighbours over boundary lines. A much better way is to involve a conveyancing professional if your property has been surveyed, then the matter can be sorted legally.

Its always a good idea to have the property surveyed to make sure the boundaries are correct. If you find that the neighbouring property has overstepped the boundary then their are a few ways to go about settling the encroachment. Check with a conveyancing Brisbane firm to see what your rights are and find the best way to handle the situation. Alienating your neighbours can be avoided if it is handled correctly. Good neighbours are hard to come by and if you have them, then you don’t want to risk that tenuous bond. Its very important to know where your boundary line starts and finishes.

If you find that the neighbours have placed a shed or fence within your boundaries, then you can speak to your neighbour to let him know and try to come to some mutual agreement such as having the item removed. Your neighbour could also compensate you for the encroachment by paying for the lands use. You could also have the boundary line moved so the encroachment no longer exists. To ensure this is all done within legal boundaries hire Conveyancing Solicitors Brisbane to draw up the contracts for property transfer. This is the best way to make sure there are no legal issues that arise from our neighbours later on. It can be a good way to provide a peaceful solution to encroachment issues and help maintain a good relationship with your neighbours.