In the Charter Conveyancing offices, both at Mount Gravatt and Aspley, Brisbane property transfers are almost as common as property sales. Here are the five main things you should know about property transfers in or around Brisbane.

1. Property transfers are commonplace

There are many different reasons why a property transfer may be needed, most notably following marriage, divorce or separation, or the death of a family member. But we also deal with property transfers in Brisbane when it is legally beneficial to protect your assets from potential litigants.

Whatever the reason, property transfers are a common occurrence and we've handled thousands of them over the years. Which is why we're confident that we're the best conveyancing lawyers to handle your Brisbane property transfer.

2. Property transfers differ significantly from the usual buying or selling process

Unlike property contracts to buy or sell a house, land or apartment, the property transfer process requires a contract between arm’s length parties. When you buy or sell property the contracts are usually based on simple templates with conditions added. But when it comes to property transfers in Brisbane every situation is different and each situation has its own process, forms and supporting documents.

3. Property transfers require greater conveyancing expertise and professional sensitivity

Because the conditions which give rise to property transfers, including separation, the death of a loved one or litigation, are often difficult, Charter Conveyancing pays special attention to property transfers for our Brisbane clients.

With respect for the existing emotional or financial challenges clients seeking property transfers are often experiencing, we deal with property transfers sensitively, professionally and seamlessly. We take care of all the technical documentation required making what may already be a difficult time for you as easy as possible.

4. Property transfers can create major problems if handled incorrectly

We complete property transfers on a daily basis and can confidently navigate legislation, the Titles Practice manual and Office of State Revenue rulings on your behalf. This will ensure that you:

  • avoid lodging incorrectly drafted transfer forms or declarations;
  • minimise your property transfer costs;
  • avoid Brisbane property transfer delays caused by consent orders or probate;
  • ensure your property transfers are completed in a timely manner.

5. Conveyancing lawyers need to stay up to date on property transfer laws

We draft property transfer documents on a daily basis and make it our business to stay up to date with all aspects of property transfer law. Laws can and do change at any time but, as dedicated conveyancing lawyers, with an unparalleled understanding of property transfers, you can rest assured that your property transfer will be as easy as possible when handled by us.

Have you got any questions or concerns about property transfers?

We offer a free consultation to all new clients in Brisbane as well as throughout Queensland and Australia and will be happy to help. Call us during business hours on 1300 224 278 for personal advice on the best approach for your property transfer, or contact us using the online form below.